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Meal Delivery

Weekly prepared meals delivered to your door, ready to heat. The weekly menus are inspired by seasonal, local ingredients. All of our ingredients are organic, gluten-free & dairy-free. We use fresh, whole foods and only pasture raised meats.

Currently delivering to Marin, San Francisco & Berkeley

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Delivery on Tuesdays

Our Values

Supporting the health of our communities, our bodies, and our planet with exceptional food.


  • Committed to providing our clients with food made with the highest quality organic ingredients.
  • Gluten-Free, Dairy Free, Pastured Meats.


  • Locally sourced ingredients and pasture-raised meats all packaged in reusable glass containers.


  • Relationships are essential to our well being. We work to support and uplift our community.


We believe that how we eat is one of the most powerful daily choices we make.

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